Rafael Noriega (The Wizard) Director | Cinematographer

As a passionate director, Rafael Noriega created his growing portfolio of documentaries, TV pilots, and films based on a single mantra: Feel the story. Creating a script, crafting a shot list, and finalizing locations are crucial, but emotion is essential.

After collaborating and leading on over 20 film projects, Rafael discovered that filming translates into feeling. This inspiration influenced the detailed lighting design applied in his award-winning science fiction short film, Explorandum; as well as the editing technique crafted in the documentary series, An Island in Time. He creates an authentic experience by handpicking each lens, each angle, and each depth of field as a measure of emotion for the audience to feel.

This concept of “show don’t tell” is apparent in Rafael’s wide range of creative works such as Something Bit Me (NatGeo), A Beast in the Making, Very Nice, The Snook, Bliss of Rai, Polyphia – Reverie, The Answ3r, and Parasomnia. As his career progresses, he discovers deeper and more effective ways of communicating a theme that blossoms inside each viewer who experiences his vision: How does it feel to be human?

Rafael Noriega is currently immersed in his latest endeavor, Monica. This psychological thriller promises to be a thought-provoking and spine-tingling exploration of the human psyche.

Island in Time won Rafael the 2022 Long-Term Project of the Year for Historic Resources from MacArthur Beach State Park in Palm Beach County, Florida.