★ Elvis JSS ★

I was born in Venezuela, spent my whole childhood surrounded by music and art. I’m a singer-songwriter, vocal coach, and producer who doesn’t only want to drop music. I’m in love with the art of immersing people in stories, a non-existent world, or a theme, through my lyrics, sounds, and visuals. When I drop music, I don’t take it as a simple release, I want people to take it as a moment or experience, I create visuals to make the viewer/listener feel involved in the theme of the song. I also direct and edit, so it’s easier for me to bring my own ideas to life. I basically fell in love with every aspect of releasing music and that’s why I’m so passionate about being an independent artist and showing every side of me as an artist in order to encourage all the independent artists out there to get up and let their creativity take over, instead of waiting for record labels to show interest on them. I dropped my debut single in 2020, it’s called “Very Nice” which is a Spanglish Latin Pop that honors my Latin roots. I started making a lot of acapella covers, using my skills as a vocal coach and singer to create content that feels fresh yet nostalgic, which took me to the eyes of big artists like Shakira, Why Don’t We, Ava Max, and more. I ended up creating +70 covers. In 2021, I seriously decided to get my career started as a singer-songwriter, so I started releasing music and videos written by me and some of them produced by me too. These releases got me featured on the “Billboard Argentina Vlog” and more vlogs/shows. I play “Alex Bianco” in the short film “Explorandum”, a character I can definitely relate to in so many ways. Even though this is not the first time I’ve been involved in the filmmaking world, it’s my debut as an actor.

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